PET Solar Simulators consist of a Light Source with a built-in Lamp Power Supply. The Solar Simulator has an ellipsoidal reflector that surrounds the lamp and collects most of the lamp output. The radiation from the lamp is focused onto an optical integrator that helps produce a uniform diverging beam. The beam is diverted 90° by a mirror onto a collimating lens. Special filters are placed between the mirror and the collimating lens to shape the radiation spectra to match various air masses. The output is a uniform beam that closely matches the sun's radiation spectra for a given air mass. Various models offer different areas of illumination. Each model can be manufactured to simulate the sun's radiation for different air masses. The power supply unit provides constant electrical power to the xenon arc lamp. All of our systems come with a standard closed loop light intensity controller. This helps in assuring very stable light intensity. In addition the power supply unit houses control circuitry for several control features. Some of the control features are discussed here.

Exposure Control

Each Solar Simulator has a shutter that can be operated manually from a switch on the front panel or remotely with a foot pedal. The shutter can also be programmed to open from 0.1 second to 999 seconds with a built in timer control.

Light Intensity & Control

The light intensity for all our Solar Simulators is one sun (1,000W/m2) ±20%. The intensity can be adjusted with the provided control on the front panel. The intensity adjustment is done by adjusting the control voltage to the Lamp Power Supply. Reducing the intensity below 80% is not recommended by this control method. The Lamp requires a certain minimum current to operate properly and provide stale spectrum. If testing needs to be done under intensities less than 0.8 suns (800W/m2) then we recommend using Neutral Density Filters (NDF) to control the intensity from 0-1,000W/m2, without compromising the spectrum of the light. Each system has a Constant Light Intensity Controller as a standard feature. This control system maintains a constant level of light intensity for long-term exposures.

Output Power

It is possible to factory set the system light output higher than one sun when the lamp is new. If the system output is higher than one sun, then the intensity control is used to adjust the system output at one sun. As the lamp ages, the intensity control can be adjusted to maintain one sun output.

Safety Interlocks

The Light Source unit has safety interlocks. The door for lamp replacement has an electrical interlock to shut down the system if the door is opened without turning the system power off. This prevents access to the lamp when it is on thus preventing operator exposure to the radiation and protects against inadvertent contact with the hot lamp. There is a thermal interlock that turns the lamp off in the event the temperature within the housing exceeds safe operating levels. In addition there is a safety interlock that turns the system power off in the event the cooling fan fails.

Lamp Aging

The xenon arc lamp should be replaced at the after the rated life has been reached to ensure spectral fidelity and proper level of intensity. The rated life of each lamp typically ranges between 1,000 – 1,500 hours. In our computer controlled Solar Simulator Systems, the lamp life is monitored and displayed and the software also displays a message to remind that the end of the rated lamp life has been reached. In Electro-Mechanical controlled Solar Simulators, the lamp life is monitored and displayed on an LCD Hour Meter. It serves as a convenient reminder of when the lamp should be replaced. PET Solar Simulators have a lamp alignment feature that allows the lamp to be aligned without the lamp being turned on. This feature makes it very easy to align the lamp for the best uniformity

Feature Description


Type of Lamp

Xenon Short Arc

Lamp Power


Max. Illuminated Area

15.75" (400mm) x 15.75" (400mm)

Light Source

Steady State

Air Mass

AM1.5G Standard: AM1.5D or AM1 optional

Lamp lifetime

1,000 Hours

Adjustment Range of Light Intensity

100mW/cm2 ±15%

Simulator Class*


Spectral Match to all intervals*

±25% or better

Spatial Non-uniformity of irradiance*

≤ 0.5% or better

Short Term Temporal Instability (STI)*

≤ 2% or better

Long Term Temporal Instability (LTI)*

≤ 0.5% or better

Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth)

158.0" (4,013mm) x 39.8" (1,011mm) x 43.4" (1,103mm)


500 Lbs. (227.3 Kg)

The Optimum Working Distance

56.0" (1,422 mm)


Three Phase/200-440VAC Selectable/50-60Hz

Max. Power Consumption (W)

8,000 W



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